15 ways to Study Smarter from Home?

Better results mean more choice and opportunity. You can achieve better results by studying smartly and effectively. Study smart is all about studying effectively, it doesn’t mean to study for a longer time. We have seen many people who comparatively study less but get better results. This guide offers various tips and ways for studying smartly for more productive output.

During this COVID-19 situation, library and institutions are temporarily closed. In this situation, you have the only option left with the study from home.  Studying at home has its perks, Home has usually more comfortable, low-pressure environment. But Studying from home can be challenging you may find yourself easily distracted by your pet, family members, appliances like Refrigerator, the TV, roommates, bed and many more. Studying from home will require stronger will power than usual. You need to stay focused and adapting those tried and true strategies in this new learning environment. It is easy to study in class and library where there is a proper environment of study.

How and Why you should study smarter not harder

Here are some tips and ways you should follow to concentrate and study smart

1. Establish a dedicated study area

It is always helpful to create a physical boundary between your study area and your relaxation area. It will be very helpful to stay focused when studying from home.
Some students prefer to study by loud reading or some prefer to read by taking a walk. It’s your home so use this to your advantage, study as per your choice.

2. Keep it tidy -

It is obvious for us to be disciplined while working or studying at home, and even harder if the place is cluttered. If there are a stack of dishes, laundry around you then it will be difficult to focus. It will hardly take 15-30 minutes to arrange and clean your room. A clean and tidy room makes the calmer and helps to concentrate. 

3. Establish a routine – 

You should treat your home like a library or classroom. Properly set a time to wake up, freshen up, eat breakfast, and get dressed. Having an established routine can provide structure for your life and signal your brain “it is time to get work done”.

You should follow the pattern and after a proper observation make some dedicated study time. Some of us like to study in the morning while some of us like to study at night. 
You have seen many of us like to listen to soft music while study. It will give an extra layer of concentration during the study. But it is advisable to listen to soft instrumental music or meditational music to concentrate more. Don’t listen to any commentary or film music. The lyrics will deviate your thought and interrupt your study. Also, the music should not be loud, it should be very soft and hard to notice.  

4. Take advantage of Online study material and classroom –

 Although coaching and classroom are closed there are still online study centres are open. You should take online notes, material, classroom and study videos. But you should also make sure you are not more involved online. Better put your phone away and turn off any message notification. Better to shrink your social media connections. It is better to use a desktop rather mobile for study.

5. Eat Well, Sleep Well –

A sound and effective 8-hour sleep is important for better functioning of your brain. Take a light meal and have 7-8 hour of sound sleep. You should also take a small nap between your study. For the optimum study, it is advisable to take small 10 minutes to break after every 1-2 hours of study. 

Avoid eating fried food or junk during your examination periods because that makes a person lousy and lazy. Eat almonds and walnuts to sharpen your brain.

6. Don’t forget to take out take for social activities –

A good social time will motivate and encourages you to study well. It helps to get more focused and be more productive. You can reach out to your family and friends as well as have a sweet conversation through phone and video chats. 30-40 minutes of a good time will help you to relieve your stress. Always remember A happy mind will be more productive. 

7. Exercise regularly -

The benefits of exercise on the brain have been well established in the fields of health, fitness, and psychology. Studies show our brainpower gets a boost following even a short workout, as our bodies are pumping oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
You should also take time for some yoga and breathing exercise, it will help to recharge your brain. Get relax for some time, relax doesn’t mean to close your books and surf the internet. Relax means close your eyes for some time and concentrate on your breathing.

8. Don’t forget to take out take for social activities –

A good social time will motivate and encourages you to study well. It helps to get more focused and be more productive. You can reach out to your family and friends as well as have a sweet conversation through phone and video chats. 30-40 minutes of a good time will help you to relieve your stress. Always remember A happy mind will be more productive. 

9. Take regular breaks –

 It is better to have shorter effective study rather a longer unproductive study. In a study, it is observed than human brain will get tired after 1 hour of study so better take a small break of 10-15 min after every hour of study to get re-energised your brain. 
Don’t keep any edibles near your study table because that may distract you from time to time. Give yourself a break after every 45 minutes and eat healthy during your break.

10. Create a study plan and share It with your mentor –

All of us have a mentor or Guru in our real life. They may be our teacher, friend or family member. You should write down what you need to accomplish in the next 3 days. Now break down them into small tasks which you can complete in one day. You should also share your study plan with you study buddies and mentor to keep yourself accountable. 

11. Avoid Multitasking –

 Arrange your time in such a way so that you should focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking while studying will be less productive. So dedicate your time study, exercise, social activities etc.

12. Don’t focus on one subject for too long –

If you are studying a single subject for a long time then you may lose interest. Mix your subjects well with each other. It is advisable to mix a hard subject with an easy subject while study. E.g. – you can mix maths with history or English so that it will keep your interest in both subjects. Also, you should not over study for a longer time it may develop a lack of interest in the subject. 

13. Take on the role of a teacher –

According to study students have better memory and recall abilities when they teach to someone else. Whenever you learn a new thing better teach it to others, it will help you to improve the weak areas. Also, you no need to revise the topic by teaching you will auto revise it.

14. Test your preparation regularly - 

Take regular practice tests and solve mock papers to check your preparation. You have seen many of us study for 10-12 hours a day but unable to achieve desired success while some of us study only for 4-5 hours get the desired success. What is the reason behind it? Many students study effectively and complete their target in a smaller time, they regularly evaluate their preparation by taking small mocks and practice tests. You should distribute your study in small targets and once the completion of target solves practice tests and mock papers. You should also solve the previous year papers to know how you are preparing or where you stand. Because sometimes we are wasting more time on very less important topics while ignorant about the important syllabus. 

15. Keep your self hydrated -

Last but not least, drink lots of water and fluids. It is advisable to drink juices, lemon water, soda and plenty of water. 

It is also important to have a clear cut-off point when you finish studying for the day. Pack up your study materials at the end of the day if you can, so that you can relax properly for the evening without your books staring at you.

Success doesn’t just find you. You have to go out and get it.

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Good Luck for your Study 

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